Jardinains 2!
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Jardinains 2!, the sequel to Jardinains 1! (surprisingly enough) is a fairly straightforward game. You have a paddle. You have a ball. You have a whole bunch of bricks. Inside these bricks live 'nains. 'Nains are cute little critters who pop out of their bricks every now and then to have some fun and give you a headache.

You and the 'nains don't see eye to eye. They want to throw stuff at your paddle; you want to knock 'em off their bricks. Luckily, your ball is a great way to knock 'nains off bricks.

Once you've knocked the 'nains off the bricks, you can bounce 'em for points, bonuses, and personal gratification. These powerups will (usually) help you knock more 'nains off their bricks even faster than before, often with amüsing results.

I could go on, but really, it's something you need to play to understand. Go ahead and give the free download a try. If you like it, you can buy the full version for a whole slew of extra levels, nains, and other good stuff. Magic Chopstick Games is an independent game developer. By "independent", we mean just that: it's basically one man who likes to refer to himself in third person plural. By buying a copy of Jardinains 2!, you're actually sending full, unbridled monetary support directly to the person who makes the games--no overhead goes towards feeding the hungry parent company, no money lost in idiotic operational costs, like Aeron chairs or flatscreen TVs for the executive lounge.

Mind you, I wouldn't mind an Aeron chair, flatscreen TV, or an executive lounge. They're just not all that high on the list of priorities here at Magic Chopstick. Making games is at the top of that list. The more support you can send, the faster I'll be able to crank out games. Even if you don't buy the full version, though, you're welcome to play the basic version for as long as you want--no timeouts or anything like that. Just one lone nag screen on shutdown--it isn't like it's that much to deal with...

...so. Anyhow. Download, have fun, and share this game with your friends!


Tom Darby
Pwnz0r and Proprietor
Magic Chopstick Games

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